Todays powerful kindness, and Goodbye Budapest and Hello Romania

A real powerful view from Anna.

Good bye Budapest and Hungary. Leaving today for Bucharest in Romania. A few travellers have already said Romania is their favourite country and people were very kind. My sort of place then another one to challenge all the stereotypes you hear about.

Budapest is beautiful, Hungary has a population of around 10 million and according to my guide yesterday has list every war it’s ever started or got involved in. The Balkans are an I teresting place. All very proud and nationalistic but the EU seems to be doing a good job if them also finding an identity together. That makes the world a safer place. I could spend a week here easily especially as it was 23 degrees yesterday. Met lots of lovely folk too and the buildings are amazing.

Having trouble labelling the pictures at moment. I can see the description but don’t think you can, so I will work on that….Eish!

The lovely bar hostess at the Avenue hostel who LOVES the Birmingham.accent…. honest !
Tesfaye from Ethiopia with a degree in horticulture and now working at a university here

Poignant and fitting reminder of executions at the riverside outside the parliament
Martin and his wife Fiona from Scotland. My! did we laugh for over an hour mainly because we are Scottish and retired and that they were teachers

Candles for my two favourite ladies in heaven. Mary and Mum RIP xx

St Stephens cathedral Absolutely massive seats up to 6500 and very ornate. It must have cost a fortune to build

2 thoughts on “Todays powerful kindness, and Goodbye Budapest and Hello Romania

  1. Ana if you read this. First thank you for your lovely contribution and secondly can you get your Syrian friend. The mathematician working now at a software company to email me another video clip as I seem to have deleted or lost it accidentally. Send him my all goes but I liked it very much and remember to ask him to do it in Arabic too please. Send him my apologies too. It’s the only clip I have lost and am now much more organised. Thanks again Ged


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