A lovely lady at the hostel in Stuttgart who wanted to remain anonymous

Well yesterday I arrived in Romania. An EU state with 20 million people. It has 22 recognised languages… not English though many people speak it. Its patron saint is St Andrew the same as Scotland so I am liking the place already. Their currency is the Romanian leu.

The border crossing was a surprise. A line of about 10 cars so expected it to be very official. Looked at my passport and waved me through. Lines and lines of lorries in both directions waiting though.

The motorways are great almost empty and very smooth. As soon as you get off them though it’s pretty bumpy and the drivers are crazy. Seen 2 bumps today within a few hours none serious fortunately.

Proving difficult getting Romanians to do the kindness videos. They are too shy but it’s hilarious trying to get them involved. These three lovely ladies

phoned one of their sons to translate and politely declined but wanted photos before I left.

I am very aware it’s the kilt not me, by the way but it’s a great way to start the sales pitch 😂

Drove for 10 hours today and felt a little tired especially after the 7km queue that crawled along for well over an hpur. So had a doze in car at services and woke up to find it pitch black. Phone data signal no exsistent but fortunately had downloaded maps beforehand from wi fi. But the detail e.g. places to stay doesn’t work so driving on a Romanian motorway looking for signs of a motel or hotel in the dark is not easy. Couldn’t find one so just took a turning and fortunately found a restaurant hotel about 3km away so all comfy for an early night. Felt getting off the road at night was a good idea as they are bad enough in daylight.!

One thought on “Kindness

  1. Enjoy Romania i can’t believe you are there already. You and the car doing very well.
    I can only imagine what you were like in that car queue!!!!!


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