Couple of road clips. showing road conditions.

Tanzanian roads
In this clip you can see the melted tarmac rutts on the side of the road are lethal if you get caught on them. Ethiopia was much worse than these
Ethiopia and all the distractions that are present on and off the road.
Never wanted to drive at night but sometimes the road time calculated at 2 hrs on Gps took 5 hours due to condition of roads!!
I had rain much heavier than this in Tanzania
You wont win in Tanzania, its a terrible country to drive in. The roads arent too bad but there are stacks of double petrol tankers crawling across the country to DRC that travel at 5kph on slopes. As soon as you over take (solid white lines are everywhere) Police pop out from nowhere to fine you. Got one fine, one bribe and talked my way out of two so felt I did ok in the end, but a frustrating country to drive through.
You need eyes everywhere in Ethiopia!

Driving in Africa is dangerous, there are so many road side movements going on everywhere and people walking too. The roads can be full of holes, speed bumps arent always identified and can be huge. The tarmac can melt and slide to one side causing massive ripples in the surface that “trap” you into the ruts they cause. Often the road is raised on fast roads with a steep slope embankment, If you come off you will likely die when the car turns over!!

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