Hurghada to Aswan 510kms

Up bright and early to get as many kph as possible before the heat comes up. Roads again were really good until Luxor after that Google Maps put my on some back roads perhaps to avoid traffic but it was about 15km of dust bumps and pot holed. Had about 10 police road blocks today too (only 4 yesterday and no stops) Today 3 stops and one passport check, that only lasted minutes and I was soon on my way.

The picture below shows a dust cloud it was much denser than it looks in this picture and I thought it was a fire at first

Really weird saw two ambulance stations probably 50 km apart and in the middle of the desert, surrounded by nothing.

Every now and then you come across sudden green crops in the middle of desert. Some had solar panels nearby so assume they use solar to pump water from somewhere.

The pictures below show the locals and the green lush fields around any water sources and if course there are now lots of donkeys and carts and gelibeers.

My new hotel at Β£21 a night has a nice view overlooking part of the Nile

Young lad working with fake diy moustache

13 thoughts on “Hurghada to Aswan 510kms

  1. Good luck Ged! May you be waved on at all the road blocks -may help always be at hand if you should ever need it -may all the beds you sleep in have good matrasses and clean sheets and may all your meals be wonderful ! Wishing you a wonderful ,adventurerous trip , good health and enough finances,regards Corrie van Aardt


  2. First Time I see You On Ahmed Youtuber and Really You Are Good Man I Search About Your Vlog And Your Journey To much Exciting And Beautiful I Hope All Best For You Only Few I See People Visit My Country And Talking About It Good From Many Years But You Make My Day Happy Really I’m Mohamed Egyption And Live In UAE ( Dubai ) Thank You Ged And I wish The best for you Untill Cape town And Go Back Your Home safe .


  3. God luck ged, I just watched the youtube interview you made in streets of Cairo.
    you really a good and friendly person. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.
    I’m from Saudi Arabia, If you have the chance to visit Saudi Arabia you should do it,
    you will have fun.
    Thanks again for sharing you experience with us


  4. Hello there,
    first of all, i saw your video with our Youtuber in the street (Ahmed Rafat) while u was wearing the scotch kilt,
    i would like to say Thank you very much for talking nice about Egypt & about the Egyptians, hope you enjoy your stay here, and we would like to see you here more and more,
    this is the link of your interview with our youtuber

    and again thank you very much, enjoy ur time here of anywhere across the world,
    and be safe,
    from Egypt With Love….
    Ayman Alnajdy


  5. came from your interview on cairo streets, love the blog and your egyptian national team t-shirt off-course, hope you enjoy the trip in egypt, GOOD LUCK


  6. That’s amazing ,You’re very inspiringπŸ’–
    I hope to travel around the world like you
    Love from Egypt .


  7. hey man what s up
    can we talk a little ?
    i need to ask u about some stuff
    i could write a book about u r adventure
    please answer me
    and we will make good stuff together
    if u would likke
    we could make a channel on youtube
    i searched for u on it but nothing came
    with best wishes


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