Visit to a transit camp to see lots of families

I was told that you need a permit and authorisation to visit but you know me. Always worth a go! and it was a public holiday here so I expected security to be relaxed!!

Trying to find the camp wasn’t easy but once I got near, there was a constant stream of men women and children all walking and a sure sign I was getting close. It’s about 14 kms outside the city at the end of a big industrial estate.

I was pleasantly surprised to find on arrival I could park opposite the gate and walk straight in. I didn’t bother going to the smoked glass security hut in case they said No, but didn’t see any security the whole few hours I was there.

I met Iranians, Iraqis Kurdish (North Iraq) Afghans, Pakistanis and Somalians. All were very friendly and welcoming and nearly all were happy to pose for photographs

Food team sorting meal tickets into numerical order for issue tomorrow

2 thoughts on “Visit to a transit camp to see lots of families

  1. Hi Ged!
    Hope you’re well…you look well which is great! Seems like you’re having a whale of a time on your travels?! It’s so interesting to see your journey experience, I thank you for sharing them on your blog. I had to laugh when you attempted getting your face threaded – ouch! Hats off to you for trying! You must have had too much sun to be attempting that?!
    I will visit your blog soon again to see where your travels take you and to check if you’re okay. Your Arabic class awaits your safe return.
    Take care of yourself, Annie 🙂


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