Zambia and Botswana

My Hero, above is called Bright. He is a lovely guy and was my fixer at the Zambia/Tanzania border and afterwards assisted when I was detained at a Police Road block about 5 kms away from the border for “evading customs”. I sat with Terry the police officer who detained me, for about 30 minutes waiting for “Interpol officers” to come and interview me but they never arrived so suggested to Terry (who was another lovely guy) that he calls them and that I take him back with me in my car to their office so we can speed thing up. Fortunately on the way I saw Bright in the crowd, which was a bit of a miracle because he still had my passport and had forgotten to hand it over amongst the bundle of papers you collect at borders. He agrees to come with us and to bring his brother along too. So all four of us traipse into their customs office for a young guy to tell me I was in serious trouble. Well I listened for at least 15 minutes before telling him, It wasn’t my fault it must be their fault as they should know what they were doing and I hadn’t a clue so rely on them for guidance. The fact I left with their consent proved that. Bright joined in and told them what happened. About 30 minutes later at a stand off I said, “I’m fed up now so either arrest me or get on with what you need to do” There was a big pause and he said We need to examine your car and that’s what we did before I was released to carry on my journey, dropping Terry, and Bright and his brother off on the way!

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