Kenya update as my first post was a little rushed.

I drove from Ethiopia to Nairobi in Kenya about 8ookms and was so fortunate to then spend 3 days with Dan and his wife Catherine. I was amazed to find out that Dan met Julia in Nairobi (on her way to London) and ended up driving Julia through Croatia! Both Dan and Catherine’s hospitality was fantastic, it was 3 days of complete rest and relaxation. They have a beautiful home and I felt as if I was in a five star hotel.

Dan is an engineer and motor car enthusiast, he couldn’t resist checking Tracy over not long after I arrived. I was delighted to have a professional look her over but wasn’t surprised when he said she was in great order. Dan arranged to have her cleaned inside and out and I then spent the few days visiting the local shops with them and an eveing meal at a local Putar

Welcome to Kenya This is an official Police Road block in Tanzania!! and there’s one on the other side of the road too
Lines and lines of petrol tankers at the border with Tanzania most waiting to go to Democratic Republic of Congo. Fortunately by this time I was well versed in just driving passed lines of parked lorries or trucks

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