A present from the French Police for speeding. Its only taken nearly 6 months.

I received a gift from the French Police last week. A speeding fine for Colin dated 29th September, five days after I left the UK. I was allegedly travelling at 97KPH in a 90KPH. Interesting that its taken 6 months to arrive. In England we have a limitation on proceedings time limit. Initially I thought he couldnt manage 97kph but realised its only 60mph. Then I thought of Brexit, will we exchange driver details the same way or will co-operation reduce? I could chance it and find out next year whilst travelling through France? Knowing my luck they will check for some minor discrepancy and find it not paid and a warrant has been issued for my arrest and costs of 1000 Euros. or similar. That would be a good story for my blog,. Then I thought I am never doing another blog so I paid it, 45 Euros for “early payment”. Quite impressed used an app they supplied on my phone and it all worked….amazing

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