Some left over bits from Ethiopia

My apologies for the delay in posting but been really busy since I got back to the UK. I have in fact tried once before and found that I can’t post lots of photos at once due to the image size and upload times. Therefore I have had to reduce them all and that took a while to understand etc. the usual IT stuff. It all convinces me that I will never do another blog, whilst I love recording my journey, the time needed when travelling just isn’t ever a priority until you get somewhere that you think has a decent signal and then you find its still not good enough.!!

Anyway here is a post covering bits of Ethiopia I missed.

The demonstration below was in the Ethiopian town of Bule Hora, an overnight stop whilst on my way to the border with Kenya. There were hundreds of people involved but it was very peaceful but very enthusiastic. They were demonstrating about an incident in the border town of Moyale that occurred early last year when 9 community leaders were killed by government forces and then 5000 people fled over the border into Kenya where they were temporarily housed in tents by the Kenyan Red Cross. A new prime minister was elected in April and whilst he has made massive changes for the better he still had his hands full with tribal differences all over Ethiopia.




Found this short clip below that gives you some idea of how bad the roads were in Ethiopia. I ad 150kms of this before I hit Kenya


The last town of Moyale stretches across Ethiopia and Kenys. It’s had a lot of recent troubles and continues to do so. There were further tribal clashes in December just after I left when more Ethiopians again fled across to Kenya after many had returned from the problems in March last year. Their best hope is the great Prime Minister they have in government. I wish them and Ethiopia peace and security for the future.


There are still lots of photos to put up. I will do my best 

5 thoughts on “Some left over bits from Ethiopia

  1. Hello this is abdi from Ethiopian Red Cross

    Congregation to your success.

    Howerver, i couldn’t find the message of mine on Kindness.


  2. Hello, I saw your video on Egyptian TV , good luck in your trip . You can come and visit us in Saudi , you are always welcome 🙏🏽
    Peace and light .



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