Sudan updates now I can upload!

The people in Sudan are particularly friendly and helpful. Nabigh a friend I made in Kuala Lumpur about 8 years ago and his family made me very welcome once again in Khartoum.

I walked around shops, markets, villages, and the City Centre in my kilt with no problems at all. People were friendly and most knew about Braveheart the movie but they may have only seen the censored version one guy told me!! He watched the uncensored one he told me 🙂

Sadly there were big shortages of petrol and in turn huge queues at petrol stations. Most didn’t have any petrol and basic commodities such as bread were in short supply when I was there. I was lucky to queue for just over 1.5 hours to fill up with petrol when I was there. Life is tough for most people in Sudan. Since I have left there have been large scale protests with at least 15 people killed by government forces. A state of emergency and curfews have been imposed and the disorder continues. It’s a worrying time for those living there and their relatives and friends abroad. I hope that peace comes quickly to the country.

Some lovely pictures of Nabigh and his family before I left Khartoum. They dressed in traditional clothing just for these photos. Nothing was too much trouble for them, finding me fuel, helping with my police registration, or sightseeing. Their hospitality was wonderful. They are all in my thoughts and that they remain safe during the troubles.

Out at a very popular burger bar in Khartoum.

Going through the land border from Egypt to Sudan is an experience. There are lots of coaches and they are loaded up using every available inch, both inside and outside on the roof. All of it has to be unloaded on the Egyptian side and then reloaded and then unloaded on the Sudanese side. In the picture above, behind my head in the background is just a few of the cookers yes cookers off just one coach. (along with lots of other electrical goods which are generally hard to get in Sudan!

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