Difficult to post much due to poor Internet connections

Just a quick update I’m now in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. With little time to post as I am driving, planning or sleeping.

Tracy is an amazing car. Toyota really are something when it comes to reliability. Going like a dream not a problem anywhere.

The above shows some big issues to be overcome. Filling the tank from a jerry can on your own. Duck tape is fab.

Biggest problem I have had is fuel. Very bad in Sudan, without Nabigh I have no idea how I would have managed. Didn’t expect the same problem in Ethiopia but its as bad here. Pure luck I filled up about 10km outside Gonder but no fuel at around 5 stations I tried on the way in to Addis. I’m on empty now but with 60 litres in boot I only want to use in emergency. Plan today to get a tuk tuk and follow the driver to a petrol station with fuel. Wish me luck😉

Update: Sometimes necessity gives you a good idea! New tip take a taxi driver or tuk tuk driver with you. They know where to get fuel and can help in the queue chaos. Got the fuel I needed.😁

5 thoughts on “Difficult to post much due to poor Internet connections

  1. Hi Ged
    I’m Eman. I’m from Sudan.
    I watched your through an Egyptian YouTube channel
    I wish to meet you in Sudan But unfortunate you are already left.
    Good luck.


  2. From Egypt
    We wish you all the best in your trips, we enjoyed your interview, in the street with the Egyptian presenter , though we didn’t like the way, he dealt with you .
    We appreciate your job


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