Kindness 29.11

5 thoughts on “Kindness 29.11

  1. Hello Ged, my husband and I watched you on an online Egyptian show you’re so kind we’d love to visit Scotland one day, we are in Canada and originally from Iraq,
    enjoy your trip

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  2. Mr ged
    How do you do?
    i hope you do well.
    welcome to egypt i saw you with ahmed raafat on youtube and you such a kind man and we are happy to come to egypt.
    I am in luxor and i will be happy if you were here in loxur and i met you.
    mahmoud abdelrahman


  3. Hey Ged,
    I watched you on the Egyptian youtube vedio and I appreciate your comments about Egypt and people there. You are an amazingly nice and friendly man. Hope you enjoy your stay in Egypt and always come back.
    Best of luck


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