Delayed again, maybe I will be here in Cairo for ever ☹

Arrrgh will I ever get to Sudan. Went to Sudanese embassy today and picked up my “proper visa” so now all set for Sudan once I pick up the car contents after 5.30pm from DHL.

Just some of the queue inside the embassy
Sudanese guys offering to share their food with me as soon as I appeared at the table

First time I’ve ever had a coffee bar and restaurant inside an embassy. Pleasant surprise and good food too.

There are nearly 10 million people in Cairo and I suspect they all come out every day. The transport system can’t cope it’s packed and the streets are always lined with people trying to get around on their daily business. Pictures show metro underground and bus which is fine but agonisingly slow because of traffic!

Two more intrepid travellers from China, 21 and 24 yrs old. Backpacking all the way to Cape Town and waiting for their Sudanese visa’s. They were bith solo at tje start of their journey but have joined up on route and aren’t fazed by anything. I wish them both safe travels 😁

The impressive Egyptian museum in Cairo. I didn’t go, seen too many piles if rocks and statues and coloums etc but that doesn’t mean to say it’s not impressive inside!

No idea what the above is but it’s right outside the DHL office at Cairo airport I assume it’s some sort of control tower.

DHL emailed me late afternoon. Your shipment won’t be ready today and it’s a public holiday tomorrow so hopefully Wednesday. I booked a Novotel room at the airport specially for an early departure tomorrow!!!.

Back to the hostel then tomorrow and wait this time until DHL actually say, “It’s ready for collection” Jeez was I cheesed off with that news today. I really thought at last I am on my way ☹

At least their internet works well and it’s quiet here!! I’ll keep you posted on progress or even lack of it. So still stuck in Cairo and keeping an eye on my Egyptian visa expiry date😁

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