Plan E

I’ve been through plans A to D  and don’t know whether the delay at customs or trying to write my blog on a slow connection is worse? Unless you have travelled you will really have no idea how frustrating it is to try and write at snails pace and then sometimes to lose it all because it wasn’t being uploaded. To make matters worse WordPress the blog site I use have upgraded the formatting to make it easier to use……….Oh no you haven’t, I just was getting the hang of the old one!!

Welcome to Africa 😦 Plan E now includes pick up Egyptian kilt tonight at 10pm ………if it ready, then early start to Cairo tomorrow morning as found out Cargo from car is still in Cairo airport not here at Alexandria!! Its now been inspected by the Horticultural Dept, the Pharmaceutical Agencies and is waiting The Food agency. Lesson to be learned, just put metal things in box forget everything else!! As DHL said, We don’t know whats in the box until Customs open it then they are obliged to inspect every bit of it and its Egypt so it takes a while. The spare wheel(s) and locking wheel nut socket are in that box hence I just have to wait until its cleared. I learned today that my Egyptian driving licence is only valid like my visa until 29th November so I need to be out of Egypt and into Sudan by then. Hoping to get my Sudanese visa from the embassy in Cairo by being there at 9am Monday morning. The reviews on them are not good, but I live in hope 🙂

As you can see below Egypt are playing Tunisia in the African Nations Cup later tonight, so it should be a quiet night around the town again

The taxi driver below has the right attitude to a breakdown, Get someone to strip half the engine out at the roadside and stay on guard in case anyone tries anything dodgy with the car zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The tyre below belongs to the catering wagon in the following pictures. Fortunately it doesn’t look as if it moves much these days!

Now you and I know why I don’t want to drive Julia’s car into Cairo. You probably stand a chance on a Friday morning as the roads were really quiet here in Alexandria. It’s Mosque day and like our Sunday, but its livened up now in the early evening and is almost back to normal chaos!

Here’s a business idea for Sam Hathaway. It was a going concern at one time!! although the prices are dirt cheap, 23 Egyptian pounds  is £1 UK sterling

The awning has seen better days too, funny how its so western. No Arabic writing at all!


Not sure if its a pet cat or a local poacher

Feeding the local cats in the park. At least ten within 10 seconds 🙂

On a final note. The people of Alexandria have been wonderful. They have made my 18 day stay bearable. Lots of welcome’s in the street and help whenever I needed it. The Red Crescent staff and volunteers were a great group of people confirming there are lots of people in the world working hard to make a difference to those in need. I have never felt intimidated or anxious at any point, that includes night time and lots and lots of walking all over the place including some real back street alleys when taking short cuts. Their hospitality has been excellent and generosity wonderful especially when out for meals. Thank you to all.

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