Now in my 12th country and out and about in Alexandria.

Now that there is nothing further to do for the car or its contents I could have a day out. One of the easiest ways of getting about when I have to go to a place that’s further than walking distance is to get the staff at the hotel to write out the address in Arabic onto paper and take this with you.

I showed it to a taxi driver and asked him to show me in money how much. (Good way to prevent arguments at the other end). He wanted 100EGP ,about £4.20. A complete rip off ) I did my usual Mafia rates and a group of local girls came over and immediately started haranguing the guy as they agreed it was a rip off. He wouldn’t budge so another local guy joined in and I said “I’m happy to go by mini bus but don’t know what to say.” “Don’t worry, I will help you” He then stood in the middle of the road asking about a dozen mini buses for the location and when one stopped he even asked inside and a lady at the back said she was going passed there and agreed to show me the Red Crescent building. It cost 3EGP about £1.20 for the 45 minute ride. There’s nothing I like better than a bargain especially when I have lots of time anyway. Must be the Scottish blood 🙂

Mrs Nabila, the manager at the Red Crescent gave me a very warm welcome including an Egyptian Red Crescent T shirt and a pennant. I was also proud to be wearing the Red Cross T shirt I got from Skopje in Macedonia. Thank you all very much. 😊

She was pleased to introduce me to her staff. The ERC branch in Alexandria organises courses of tailoring, sewing and knitting to encourage women in improving their incomes. Its libraries, IT centres, nurseries and elderly care house provide the society with social and cultural services as well. The branch has a hospital, clinics and blood bank. It holds first aid trainings, provides family planning service and health promotion events, and organises seminars, trips and camps for the members.

I had a mooch about outside too

Local bakery

As soon as I looked at this the young guy gave me some pastries to try. They were delicious

The staff at the bakery were a nice group

Local gymnastics club. They invited me in as I walked passed. Young girls and boys about 11 who were very good but because of their age I did not photograph were all very keen and talented

Mattresses ad carpets everywhere. Like no gym I have ever seen before

Butchers shops fascinate me because we are so sanitised in the west

Time for my first African kilt. No real Africa designs here so Tartan seemed a good choice

Reminds me of me except I use the sun roof

Yep first rain I have seen in 6 weeks and it was heavy and lots of big thunder claps

Might not be your taste but he said this was 1000 EGP about £43

St Marks Anglican church. Its got a heavy Police guard around it and was opened by a local watchman just for my visit. Lots of old Scottish connections inside

7 thoughts on “Now in my 12th country and out and about in Alexandria.

  1. Glad you’re seeing some of the valued, funny things that I have seen, for me, an experience never to forget, and still anticipating, every time that I visit my beloved Egypt, homeland of my husband and In-laws, enjoy your time, lol me and Tito xxx laters xxx


  2. My friend Julia and you are both amazing soul travelers. So glad you are bringing Tracy home to Cape Town! Your trip and adventures are awesome! Best regards,Bee


  3. It’s a shame to visit Alexanderia without me knowing you’re here!!!!!!
    It’s my hometown and the city I’m living in.
    You’re welcome any time. 😁


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