My most humbling night at the Food kitchen

When you are at the end of the line watching men and boys collect a dish of hot food and a plastic spoon or fork along with a cup of water and as a treat today, a banana. You see in their faces how grateful they are and also so polite for what is probably their only meal of the day.

It is truly humbling to see the connection between the volunteers and the recipients.

Early start dropping off about 7 boxes of bananas. Always popular!
Doc Mobile setting up for the evening

The line up for food with ticket numbers being called out

Guys sitting on the earth to eat their meal
These guys wanted to pose for the camera

It was cold tonight so a sing song was very welcomed by all. The instruments are provided by Doc Mobile

More foot injuries due to the distances they walk

Might as well join in. It was chilly in this thin kilt. Everyone really enjoyed it. It was a lovely atmosphere.

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