Podcasts, and Food kitchens.

Well what a busy day. Thanks to Donna for kicking it off with my first podcast and also helping me find 4months parking for my car.

The Food kitchen team sit down for a well earned meal at the end of their shift
Rose the co-ordinator at the Doc Mobile ambulance whose team offers health care and checks as well as hospital referrals.
The Food kitchen co-ordinator shoe. He is a volunteer and does 7 days a week for free. Amazing young Italian guy who has lots of problems to overcome to supply approx 270 meals each night to whoever queues for a ticket.
Mobile Docs physio has lots of foot leg and knee problems
Food is for anyone who us destitute. Queue for a ticket you will get a meal
The Mobile Doc is run by volunteers
Information boards on homeless and migration issues

Most asylum families are in transit camps although I am told the food can be awful. E.g. rotten or old veg being used etc

The service users are a friendly lot. For most it’s their only meal of the day.
Fate? πŸ˜‚ The charities car broke down last night. They can’t afford to fix it so I emptied mine and it’s now the Food transport van until Sunday night but they have no idea where to find the money to fix their car☹

We had a heck of a job fitting 270 plus meals in my car πŸ˜‚

Waiting patiently for assessment and or treatment

It was a tight squeeze in my car

One tray of hot food had to be carried on this volunteers lap in the front seat!

Trolley load of food being taken to my car.

Cooking on a fifth floor balcony

Food prep area

Here’s the Food kitchen charities link.

Philoxenia means a love for strangers and highlights the true generosity of spirit.

A big thank you to all the team their passion, generosity and energy for others who have so little is heart warming and good for my soul. 😁

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