Poverty is never far away ☹

Once you travel and get away from the West it’s inevitable that you get glimpses of poverty.

I’ve seen these in all the Baltic capitals I have visited and indeed here in Greece.

I often get up early to move my car out of the controlled parking areas and have witnessed many elderly people out hunting the bins for what ever they can reclaim. Some have been shabbily dressed but others were smartly dressed and even had shopping trolleys with them. If you saw them around a corner you would think they were out shopping for the day.

The saddest one to date was here in Greece when I saw a young lady about mid twenties with a child in a fragile pushchair. She was using a torch and neatly searching bags of rubbish in the dark from a big wheely bin. I returned about an hour later and there was no sign she had been there. I assume she put all the bags back.

Last night a guy on a plywood temporary skate board shuffled by in the street. He had horrific open wounds on his legs, that looked like burns or similar. Someone gave him a cigarette (They smoke a heck of a lot in this part of the world) and someone else bought him a sandwich. Small acts of kindness that were heartening to see despite the fact he was begging

Thank God there are good people who do their best to support these street people. Even then I cannot imagine how difficult their lives really are.

Every country in Africa has a lot of poverty but remember they also have rich people too. One thing they have that the West doesnt have though is time. So many people will stop to help or chat or share things with you, its an amazing experience. I am sure people in the West are as kind and interested but  they dont have the time to stop because they are all so busy working to pay their bills and get the latest car, kitchen, etc etc. (I’ve been there but I’m retired now and once again I have time 🙂

Its all a reminder of how lucky we are in life. There are so many tragic circumstances in the world that keep people in poverty everywhere. Try to keep your life simple and be grateful for what you have!

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