Do you believe in fate?

Well not really because fate is what happens. I do believe in connections though.

So let me tell you a story. Who would have thought that a chance 15 to 20 minute meeting last year in Ethiopia with Julia Albu, the 80 year old lady (Now 81) who was driving to London would have such an impact on me!

Well plan A was me to drive my Citroen Saxo to Cape Town however the opportunity arose for a dual kindness for me and Julia who is recovering at home now in Cape Town.

So plan B has now commenced. It’s also saved me a lot of time, bureaucracy and money as I have offered to drive Julia’s car, the 21 year old Toyota she loves and calls Tracy back to Cape Town.

It’s been all systems go for 2 days. As well as meeting the wonderful Red Cross Team in Thessalonika who gave me a great welcome. They are twinned with Birmingham and have had many staff exchanges so it was a surprise for me that they knew I was coming! They do a great job and have wonderful volunteers most of whom were asylum seekers.

After 3206 miles Birmingham to Thessalonika there are a few flies on the plates.
Wonderful roadside display of huge Apple’s in Macedonia as I head for Greece
Tony , a lovely Greek guy at a lical hotel who helped me out finding a hostel
This young man from Egypt has promised me a Kindness video by email. So have about 15 other people πŸ˜‚ !!!

Just some of the wonderful Red Cross staff at Thessalonika.

Iranian sisters and their daughter who all appear on a Kindness video later

My new hostel for a week. 15 Euros a night but only a 2 bed and been on my own so far. Spotlessly clean and comfortable and great location.

One of my huge Macedonian apples
Patriotic Greek shop. They have national service here and were recognised as incredibly brave fighters by bith sides in the second world war
Fate? I stopped a guy to take a picture he didn’t speak English but Donna passing by with her friend Daphne did!
Now I’m doing my first podcast with Donna tomorrow 😁 no idea what it is either!
The street scene I wanted a photo in.

Two lovely Greek Police. I’m now on the hunt for somewhere to leave my car parked up for about 4 months!! They have given me some ideas but need it sorted by next Monday when I fly to Alexandria in Egypt and the real adventure starts. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž

7 thoughts on “Do you believe in fate?

  1. Great news that plan A has worked out .I really hope all goes well on next part of journey. Make sure you drive Toyota around before setting off as it’s been standing a while.
    Your energy and enthusiasm is fantastic as ever. Enjoy your stop all the best.


  2. If you need help, Alexandria onwards, can’t promise, but we’ll do all we can to help, you’re doing so well Ged, congratulations and to so much more, lol me and Tito xxx laters


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