Driving from Serbia to Macedonia and the border crossing

OK I got into Serbia from Romania without any problems, it seems like they must have some agreement about car insurance cover. However  from Serbia into Macedonia was different. Neither country is in the EU and the staff on the Macedonia border were charming, (think the kilt does that)

The first police officer took my passport and said with a huge smile, “Ahh English where is your green card?” I hadn’t got out of the car at this stage so I got our and he saw my kilt and I said “No, Scottish here is my car insurance”

You still need a green card my Scottish friend with an even bigger smile. He kept my passport and said “Go over there its 50 Euros” I then went to the green card portacabin and after circumnavigating it a few times a window opened and a another very friendly guy indicated he was on the phone. He then said Cash only, by sheer chance I did have 50 Euros and after a bit of paperwork I got a receipt and some sort of car insurance.

Serbia deserves another mention, the people were lovely. I had more comments about my kilt there than anywhere else. Mike Fullards family were very warm and welcoming. Djuro gave me a bracelet that is similar to a rosary bead and used for prayers in the orthodox religion. He must have known I prefer cord bracelets to any gold or silver so its joined one I bought in Malawi about 9 years ago and one Leila bought me in Brighton last year. Thank you Djuro.20181018_1112485533981129928963479.jpg

The drive through Serbia to Macedonia took about 6 hours at a leisurely 60-70mph with a few stops. The road was great tarmaced and smooth throughout. There were a few off road detours when the motorway was closed and diversion signs seemed scarce. Google Maps has done a great job of sorting them out though and its never been a problem getting back on route.

Driving through South Serbia there were some beautiful alpine scenes with the road snaking through canyons and villages clinging the to the hillsides . However there was also extensive fires prior to and after the Alpine scene where farmers were burning the stubble on their crops. Some of the flames were about 10 feet high and adjacent to the road, you could certainly feel the heat as you passed. The smoke was in the air everywhere., its certainly doesn’t do their tourist board any favours. I also passed a ski resort that I assume is good value if its easy to get to!!


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