Welcome to Skopje, Macedonia

Well what a lovely place Skopje has turned out to be. Lots of people stopped me to chat and ask about the kilt, I certainly have not been lonely on this trip but the kilt helps a lot!! Two kind ladies even asked me to join them at lunch in a lovely restaurant where I had an amazing huge advocado and beetroot salad for just over £2. One of the ladies, Lidija features in a kindness video later on 21st November. The centre has a magnificent central square and some lovely building and parks

The Lovely two lovely people below are Mary and Tudor from Romania. We stopped and chatted for over an hour and definitely made a connection. You will see then later around 22nd and 23rd November when they do a Kindness video clip each

Very nice beetroot and advocado salad a a local restaurant

Very impressive main square with a huge statue of a warrior on a horse

Statue remembering 28000 Macedonian children who fled from Greece during its civil war see plaque below

The placard is part of a local demonstration.

Demo outside the parliament building, all very peaceful and about the Greeks wanting Macdonia to change its name to North Macedonia, I think !!

More protests about a holocaust by Greece against Macedonia between 1912 and 1965

The Foreign Office alwasy suggests “Stay away from local demonstrations” but they seemesd a nice bunch so I joined in

Demo HQ outside parliament

Triumphal Arc of Skopje

Like a London bus only longer I think!!

This morning I had a wonderful warm welcome from staff at the Macedonian Red Cross. Ivan and Alexandra were great and took time out their day to talk about their roles in Refugees services and Media Dept . They do some great work across a wide range of services

Very helpful businessman who directed me to the Red Cross and would have linked up more if I had more time.Tomorrow off on a walking tour of Skopje

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