Thank you

Early morning racki with Nico

Smoke house for hanging game for at least a week
The smoke pit under these tyrea
Smoked hams at least 2 to 3 years old for the best
Local restaurant owner
Serbia doesn’t do small portions
Mike and I shared one of these. He knows it’s name. Something like Georgiou , veal fillet folded and with cooked cheese inside
Another raki, if you insist
Home last night.

Huge thanks to Djuro and his wife Nada for their wonderful hospitality. We had a great night learning about local life especially drinking!!
Signal is rubbish wrote this blog last night Nd it went into cyber space never to be seen again.

Decided not to go to Romania, I did go there for a few hours after all so heading for Macedonia now. Solo travelling: you just decide each day, Where to next. Looking forward to seeing my niece Rebecca and her partner Erdo and their beautiful son Taylan, the latest addition to the family.

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