Kindness 12.10

This lovely lady can speak 7 languages

Well after a 200km plus turnaround I am now in Belgrade Serbia. The tail end of Romania roads was a taste of what’s to come on Africa. Both my dash cam and phone fell out their cradles with all the bumping.

What a border crossing, I didn’t see a single car for ages on both sides. It’s obviously only a small local crossing. Took photos with the Romanian police staff .

and then a few yards away onto the Serbian side who actually opened the boot had a rummage around and then said ok and off I went. Again the roads were so quiet. A few people walking or with push bikes…… another world from the speed of today’s.

Took a few photos of a local cemetery. I always love visiting local cemeteries abroad!

Huge family Moseleum, locked and smelly home to pigeons now

And some local farm workers harvesting the maize. The young lad was as strong as an ox he nearly broke my hand when he shook it.

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