Kindness today and I have now reached Budapest in Hungary

Todays Kindness is from Canterbury Red Cross office

It’s not going to get easier to upload videos so I will schedule a few of the posts with just Kindness videos and add what I can when I can. Many thanks to all the people who have volunteered and offered their personal views of Kindness.

Well what a busy day it was yesterday I left Slovenia and drove to Hungary for my first real border crossing. Proper old fashioned check, passport, driving licence, vehicle registration document and insurance before I had to purchase a 10 day motorway vignette for 12 Euros. They use “forint” as currency, still have no idea how much it is as most have accepted Euros. Now in the Avenue Hostel, Budapest. Very comfortable and right in the middle of Budapest for 16 Euros a night. Last night they provided a free dinner and this morning a free breakfast so its a good deal and a good location

Got to the Hungarian Red Cross and guess what they were open. The international migration team kindly spoke to me for about 30 minutes explaining the situation in Hungary at the moment. Thank you to Alice, Rosie Alexandria, and Andres for their time. They have a trendy café on the ground floor for the public funded by a whole host of big names that only opened in the last 2 months



Its also very busy in the centre of Budapest, Police literally everywhere as President Erdogan of Turkey is here visiting Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and President János Áder.



The car graphics seem to be working some office workers who I have never met read the blog on my parked car and then left me a kind message on the windscreen. Thanks guys much appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Kindness today and I have now reached Budapest in Hungary

  1. You’re doing a fine job Ged, hope you’re journey continues successfully and the little car, stands the test….. best of British, lol me and Tito xxx 😘


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