Zagreb in Croatia.

Came to Zagreb the capital of Croatia on Friday. Only place so far where I had to hand my passport over for inspection as I left Slovenia. Found out they don’t use the euro but pay in Kuna’s. Think their economy hasn’t met certain criteria yet to convert as most people I spoke to would be happy to use Euro. Thank goodness for mastercard although some shops only accept cash.

Croatia has 4.6 million people and is 90 % Catholic, and loads of churches although I get the impression they are not all church going. The church owns large parts of the city and have done so for hundreds of years. Went for a great city walking tour with a very knowlegable and entertaining guy called Luka.

This morning went to local markets and a tour of the many churches again. Lots of newly weds about in the squares yesterday.

It’s a public holiday on Monday here to commerate the dead from the Balkan wars and everything is closed apart from shops, (museums etc are normally closed on Monday anyway because they open Sunday) that no doubt includes the Red Cross. I might pop over on the way out tomorrow. The bonus is there are have been no parking charges since 3pm on Friday just as I arrived 😁

Yesterday 2.5 hour tour of the wars that took place across the region including Bosnia, Serbia, and Slovenia as well as others when Yugoslavia fell apart after dictator Tito’s death. All very interesting and from a very knowledgeable young Croatian lady. Then a visit to the Museum of Broken relationships. Unique with tragic and funny accounts of breakups.

Tomorrow off to Budapest I think, then Romania which I am told by a few travellers is fantastic.


The Cathedral of Zagreb

While I remember it seems like Red Cross in Germany run the whole national ambulance service. Amazing. I spoke to a few Germans who weren’t sure but didn’t know if any others.

Todays kindness is the two lovely ladies who welcome volunteers to the Warehouse at Calais. They first appeared on facebook when I couldn’t get the link here to work!!

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