Brexit and travel

Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia, is very popular and full of tourists. I glimpsed a Shearings coach in the traffic too!!

The Red Cross were shut as I thought ! On to Croatia then

Its hardly surprising that I have considered, What changes to my trip will BREXIT make? The simple answer, NO one knows however all I can say is I am glad I am trying it this side of Brexit as so far its been smooth and seamless, exactly as it should be. I’m not sure it would be so smooth going the other way as all governments are under huge pressure to clamp down on their borders and “protect” their citizens by stopping illegal entry. Because you have to make an asylum claim from inside the UK it seems to be at odds with this goal but we seem surprised when people enter illegally to get minimal support whilst they are being processed. That’s the human rights side of things and I personally think it’s the right thing to do.

I started looking at my route for the tail end of Europe in the last few days. Didn’t really think about it before as concentrated more on Africa but was surprised that a number of countries I was initially thinking of visiting that were not in the EU so I would need to purchase more car insurance cover. My phone wouldn’t have free European roaming, and my breakdown insurance ( I got some from the RAC in the end) wouldn’t cover me either. Whilst my travel insurance covers me all over Europe not just the EU, my E111 health card would be redundant too. Of course they all use Euros too and that is convenient, no currency change every 5 mins because you cross borders. The EU is far from perfect but they got some things right too!

A taste of things to come, simply European travel is unlikely to be as easy as it is today?

Todays kindness is from a labour MP, Sarah Jones visiting the Calais distribution centre.

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