The car and the kilt are getting a few comments and laughs

Slovenia a country of 2.6 million people. By sheer chance I stopped at The Castle Hostel in Bled. It is a beautiful town. A few other hostels nearby, supermarket and launderette all nearby, just the sort of thing you need when travelling. I managed to upload 20 plus kindness videos although it is proving to be a challenge, it can only get worse as I near Greece and then a nightmare in Africa. It may mean kindness videos will have to be done as and when I get a decent connection so please just be patient. I am pleased to report that the car and kilt have brought some amusement and happiness into peoples lives.

People sound their horn and often wave as they pass me by. Some hang out the windows taking photos as they pass. They laugh at petrol station or pit stops and ask for photos on occasions but generally people have just been a little surprised.

Quite a few have asked for photos which of course I am always happy to pose for.


I went for a 6km walk around Bled which is still busy with tourists even though the season is nearly ending. It’s a beautiful setting with lots of majestic buildings and high end hotels around the lake. There are lots of water sports taking place.

It’s a very romantic setting I will bring Leila here one day soon. The air is fresh and clean and the lake water completely clear. Today I am off to the capital Ljubljana to visit the Red Cross but it’s Saturday so they will probably be shut. In which case I will drive on to Croatia.

Today’s kindness comes from Martin a volunteer at Calais

One thought on “The car and the kilt are getting a few comments and laughs

  1. Wished I’d have known of your trip… I have lots of contacts in the Slovenian Red Cross that I could have linked you up with.
    All the best with the trip, I’m looking forward to reading more of your travels.


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