Today’s Power of kindness message, ……..said the vicar :-)

Eva is from Germany and a volunteer at the Calais support camp. She is a lovely person warm and caring and works hard all day long in the kitchen just like all the others.

She has experienced lots of judgements about her tattoo’s and appearance but is at peace with that. She told me, “This is who I am”, and that every tattoo has a personal story for her of people and events in her life that she wishes to remember and celebrate even when there is tragedy involved. She willingly told me what each one meant and I felt honoured that she shared her story with me. She is the only person I have met with tattoo’s on the palms of her hand….she said they hurt a lot when they were done!! I wish Eva well for the future.

I have a lot of admiration for people who are strong, independent and prepared to be who they are despite all the judgements it brings with it. I haven’t got that desire but feel an empathy whilst wearing my kilt particularly but my difference is cultural not personal and I can take my kilt off so there is a huge difference.

Everyone should spend sometime in someones else’s place, wear an sleeve tattoo or a hijab or an African design shirt  for example, move out of your comfort zone. It will give you an insight into how we treat each other, and its not necessarily bad , lots of people are very kind which fits in neatly with this theme today. The Power of Kindness. Jeez I really feel like a vicar now 🙂

Next time you see someone with body markings don’t be shy or scared, ask them what they mean to them.I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised at the connection you make.


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