First day, what a great start!

Well the excitement was surreal this morning although sad to say Good Bye to my wife, Leila who has been wonderful about losing me for 4-6 months, but we have a lot to look forward to when I get back.


Then off to the official send off at the Birmingham Red Cross, where they had bought a cake and put up balloons and posters for me inside. Then we all went outside for photo shots. It was lovely and hilarious when I went to leave and everyone was waiting to wave me off, I lost my keys and couldn’t get into the car!! “How is this guy going to reach Cape Town” I could feel people say! It’s a fair point I’m never good with keys 🙂 Thank you to everyone involved and to the person who found my keys 🙂

The weather was beautiful,someone in heaven was looking after me. All the way down the M1 and M25, the sun shone brightly and even the M25 was fast flowing with no holdups. I got to Canterbury Red Cross on time too.

Wearing a kilt is producing some unexpected bonus’s, As soon as I walked into the Canterbury Red Cross office I had everyone’s attention. If I had been dressed in t shirt and jeans it would just not have had any impact, and explaining why  I was there would have probably taken a lot longer. It was really interesting to meet the staff there.

Even walking around Dover tonight I have had some nice comments and created a lot of amusement too. I am booked on the 8am ferry to Calais tomorrow and will feel a sense of relief when I actually land in Europe, The car has been fabulous too, so hoping that continues.20180925_193305




4 thoughts on “First day, what a great start!

  1. Hope you to achieve your destiny ” Also Egyptian customs leave your thing’s”
    Your friend from Egypt Abdelrahman.


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