Final preparations beginning

Surprisingly there has been little preparation to do with the car. I spoke with my mechanic and he says I could spend a fortune and load the boot with tons of spares but there is a big chance the one thing I need will not be there. I am also aware that the car needs to be emptied of everything when I ship it from Europe to Africa. Everything will need to be freighted with me on the plane so for all these reasons it looks like I won’t be taking much. I will take an extra spare wheel but even finding that has been difficult because of the cars age. In the end its been ordered on e-bay and I am still waiting for it. The only spare I am taking at the moment is an air filter!! I will take a small amount of tools because the chances of me fixing a breakdown will be small 🙂 I will have some tools along with duck tape, electrical wire, and cable ties. Security wise I am getting the cars window tinted (It will also help with the heat in Africa) and will use a steering wheel lock and a wheel clamp every time I park.

The car is a 1.1 Citroen Saxo and is 18 years old in January 2019. It cost me £350 nearly 2 years ago and has passed 2 MOT’s and only required a new clutch and battery in that time. I’ve loved the car it’s been very reliable, never let me down and we will now see how it copes with Europe. If it survives that, then Africa is up for grabs. Tomorrow is the final check over by my mechanic so fingers crossed he doesn’t find anything seriously wrong with it. I have established not unsurprisingly that my car is too old for European breakdown cover so have decided a towing bar may be useful!!

Paper work and having enough copies of documents etc for so many countries has taken up a lot of time. I now have my new passport, (not enough pages in the old one for the trip left) and my international driving licence (Bargain at £5.50)

I have spent days on the blog (not my brothers fault he was on holiday for 2 weeks) but think its all working now. Making blog entries should be easy, although countries with weak data signals are always a problem.

Oh and I need to start looking at a route. That’s not too much of a problem with Google maps, Waze or MAPS.ME because it will be more of a magical mystery tour as I visit places that might interest me on the way. I will be using camp sites, guest house, hotels all dependent on how tired I am.

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